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Who is this for? This article will be useful if you are a company on PartnerStack looking for additional resources on using Litmos, your partner training feature.

What is partner training?

Through our integrated LMS (Learning Management Software) platform, you can easily create and assign training content to your partners. Training enables your partners to best represent and sell your brand. PartnerStack uses SAP Litmos LMS for our partner training feature.

Partner training is enabled depending on your plan. If you are currently not using training for your partners, contact your Customer Success Manager for more information.

Litmos support guides

Litmos hosts a great repertoire of support guides. Articles we recommend to help you get started:

Litmos Dojo

The Litmos Dojo contains a constantly growing library of training courses and videos that cover all aspects of the Litmos LMS. These courses are constantly being updated to cater to the most recent version of Litmos.

To access the Litmos Dojo:

  1. Logging into your PartnerStack dashboard here
  2. Click the "Training" tab in your left-hand menu
  3. Click "Launch the training center" 
  4. This will open the PartnerStack Litmos dashboard in a new window
  5. In the top right-hand corner of your Litmos dashboard, click on your initials
  6. Select Litmos Dojo from the drop-down


Recommended White Belt courses

  • Mastering admin dashboard
  • Mastering the learner dashboard
  • How to build a course - first steps
  • How to use the upload create and browse course building functions
  • How to use the content author

Recommended Green Belt courses

  • The reports tab: running reports
  • How to create a survey
  • How to create an assessment
  • How to use the live session and ILT tool
  • How to use the video assessment tool
  • How to use the page info, checklist, embed content, web link and learner upload.
  • How to manage general course settings
  • How to manage people settings from within a course
  • How to manage teams within a course
  • How to create and manage learning paths

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