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This article will be useful to you, if are a company on PartnerStack, looking to assign Partner Managers to the partners in your program.

Partner Managers are members of your company who have been assigned to manage individual partners from the All Partners tab.

Partner managers overview

Assigning your partners to Partner Managers enables your team to take ownership of specific partnerships. This can foster stronger partner relationships and allows you to segment partner performance by Partner Manager in your Analytics tab.

Assigning a partner manager 

Once you have invited a teammate to your partner program you can assign them as a Partner Manager to partners in your program in your All Partners tab, or in bulk using the API

To select a teammate as a Partner Manager they must have “teammate” or higher permissions. See our Configuing teammate permissions guide for more information. 

Assigning a Partner Manager

  1. Navigate to your All Partners tab
  2. Select the partner(s) you would like to assign to a manager
  3. Click “Actions” and select “Assign manager” from the dropdown
  4. Select your desired partner manager from the dropdown 
  5. Click “Save”

Once a manager has been assigned to a partner, you will see the partner manager’s name in your All Partners tab in the Manager column. 

Partner managers cannot be assigned using the in-app importer, but can be assigned to partners in bulk using the PartnerStack API

Editing partner managers

Once a partner manager has been assigned to a partner, you can edit the manager (i.e. assign a new manager to the partner) following the steps above but cannot delete the manager. 

The partner's view of their partner managers

Your partners also benefit from your use of Partner Managers. In the partner dashboard partners can see the name and email of their assigned Partner Manager. Giving partners a clear, key contact at your company can help strengthen communication and the overall partnership. 

Viewing partner manager activity

By tracking Partner Manager performance in your Analytics tab you can identify high-performing partner managers and work with them to identify individual strategies that are driving partner success. 

In your Analytics tab data can be filtered by “partner manager” to drill down into individual manager performance. Additionally, manager performance can be compared in the “Partner Manager Performance” chart at the bottom of the Analytics > Revenue > New & Total Revenue tabs.

Our Reporting on your partner performance support guide has more information on using your Analytics tab.

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