Rewards are now called "Commissions"

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Who is this article for? This article will be useful to you if you are a partner on PartnerStack and are curious why you now see "commissions" instead of "rewards".

What are "Commissions"?

A "Commission" is money you earn by successfully driving business to the companies you Partner with on PartnerStack. The verbiage change from "Rewards" to "Commissions" is being made to align with the evolving partnerships industry language.

For more information on how you can earn commissions, see the How do I earn commissions? support guide.

What is changing?

As this change is rolled out, where you saw "Rewards" in your dashboard, you will now see "Commissions". "Rewards" will also be updated to "Commissions" in our support docs, and support chat.

No functionality has changed within PartnerStack. "Commissions" operate exactly as "Rewards" did, this is a wording change only. 

There will be no interruption to your dashboard access, and no change to how you earn commissions from the program(s) you partner with.

How do I withdraw my commissions?

The "Rewards & Withdrawals" tab is now called "Commissions" and remains in your top menu bar. Click into your "Commissions" tab to view, and withdraw your commissions. 

For more information on withdrawing your commissions see our How do I get paid? support guide.


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