Product performance: beta reporting

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This article will be useful to you if you are managing a partner referral program on PartnerStack and want more insight into your product performance.

This guide is designed to help you use the new reporting feature to analyze and track your product performance.

Product performance beta overview

Please note that the Product Performance report is accessible exclusively to users leveraging the Transaction API with the "product_key" value. This report will only contain data if the associated company implements product keys in their transactions.

The Product Performance reporting feature allows you to easily view your affiliate/marketing program products and understand the conversion rates of various performance metrics. You can analyze metrics such as paid customers, new revenue, and commissions per partner and location.

Click on "Performance Beta" in your left-hand menu to get started and navigate to “Product performance”.

Product performance data

The Product performance report provides insightful data on your product's performance. You can analyze metrics such as paid customers, new revenue, and commissions per partner and location.

Performance data columns:

  • Product Key: The unique identifier of the advertised product.
  • Paid Customers: The number of paying customers within the specified timeframe (excluding $0 transactions).
  • New Revenue: The total revenue from new customers created within the specified timeframe.
  • Total Revenue: The total revenue amount in USD.
  • Commissions: The total commission earned within the specified timeframe (excluding $0 transactions).
  • Group Name: The name of the group to which the partnership belongs.
  • Measure Date: The timeframe when events occurred.
  • Location: The country where the product was purchased.
  • Partner Manager: The name of the partner manager assigned to the partner.

Grouping Product performance data

Product performance data can be grouped by the following categories:

  • Group by Product: Assess performance metrics based on individual products.
  • Group by Partner: Evaluate each partner's performance and contributions to the program.
  • Group by Group: Gain insights into cohort performance.
  • Group by Measure date (Day, Week, Month, Quarter, Year): Analyze performance trends over varying periods.
  • Group by Location: Access data based on the country where the product was purchased.
  • Group by Partner manager: Evaluate the performance of partner managers.
    Two levels of grouping can be applied simultaneously.

Filtering Product performance data

The filtering options let you refine your report data by specific criteria such as time periods, groups, partner names, partner emails, products, and locations. You can apply multiple filters and select multiple groups simultaneously to segment your data for deeper analysis and insights.

Exporting product performance data

Your performance data can be exported for further analysis.

To export your performance data:

  1. In your Performance > Product performance tab apply any desired filters
  2. Click "Export data"
  3. In the window that opens, click "Done"
  4. You will receive an email within 30 minutes with a download link
  5. Click "Download CSV" in the email and ensure you are logged in to your PartnerStack account to complete the export

Troubleshooting product performance data

If you encounter any issues while using the Performance Beta Reporting feature, check the following:

  • Ensure your filters and groupings are correctly applied.
  • Refresh the page if data is not loading properly.
  • Contact our support team if you need further assistance or encounter persistent issues.

We value your feedback! If you have suggestions, or questions, or encounter any difficulties while using the reporting feature, submit your feedback directly in the app by clicking the “Leave feedback” button.



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