Getting to know your Company dashboard: Video Walkthroughs

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This article will be useful to you if are a new company user on PartnerStack looking for an overview of how to use and navigate your company dashboard.

PartnerStack is an ecosystem platform that allows you to manage and empower partner relationships, and connect with new partners from our established and growing network of partners.

This video series walks through the information displayed on your home page, how to process partner applications, how to use the discovery and recruitment tool, how to message partners, how to review commissions and invoices, and how to add a customer or transaction.

Home dashboard video walkthrough

When you first log into your PartnerStackaccount, you'll land on your Program home page. This page highlights key information and provides quick links to other areas in your dashboard.  

Reviewing applications video walkthrough

We recommend that you review outstanding applications at least once a week to make sure your partners are able to get up and running in your program quickly.

Discovery & recruitment video walkthrough

PartnerStack's partner discovery tool empowers you to discover and recruit qualified partners from the PartnerStack Network to join your program. 

Messages tab video walkthrough

Communicating with partners, be it to learn more about them, or answer questions about your company and partner program, is an important part of fostering partner relationships, and growing trust.

Messages you send to partners will be received by partners in their Messages tab and as emails if they have email notifications enabled for program messages.

Reviewing commissions video walkthrough

While your partners are promoting your business and earning commissions, you have the ability to review those commissions as they come in before your partner commission invoice is generated at the end of the month.

Invoices tab video walkthrough

The partner commission invoice is generated on the last day of each month (or the first day of the following month, based on your timezone) and contains all the commissions earned by your partner during the previous month. You’ll have 7 full days to review the invoice before it is auto-charged and payouts are released to your partners. Any issues with commissions can be adjusted during this time. 

Adding customers and transactions video walkthrough

There are potential cases (user error or integration issues) when link tracking might fail and a customer was not created in PartnerStack as a result. When this happens, you may want to add in those missed customers to keep tracking accurately and to issue commissions to your partners.

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