Language and Terminology

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Familiarize yourself with the terms used on your PartnerStack dashboard to help ensure your company and PartnerStack are on the same page. 

Used as an umbrella term to cover the following titles: Influencers, Affiliates, Channel Partners, Resellers, your customers, Ambassadors, etc.
This term refers to the users being brought in by partners. Referrals can also be referred to as Leads, Prospects, and Customers. 
Partners earn rewards based on their performance (ie. $5 for every sale made). Rewards can also be referred to as Commissions and Reward offers.
Referral Link
This is what partners will share with their network to promote your company/products. Example:
Partner Page

The Partner Page refers to the landing page that you will use to promote your company and offers for partners to join your program. Example:

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