Inviting teammates to manage your program

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This article will be useful to you if are a company looking to invite teammates to help manage your partner program.

From your Settings > Teammate tab, you can invite your coworkers to be your teammates in PartnerStack. Teammates can help market your program, work with partners, or assist with your integration. Once a teammate has been invited, you can configure custom permissions for them, or later remove them from your team if needed.

Who can invite teammates?

To invite teammates to help run your partner program, you'll need to have Admin permissions or custom permissions with "Full" teammate permissions. If you are not able to access the Settings > Teammates tab, reach out to an Admin on your team to change your permissions. 

Inviting new teammates

  1. Click on your Settings tab in your left-hand menu and into the Teammates
  2. Click on "Invite teammate"
  3. In the window that opens, review your invite Subject and Message and edit if desired
  4. Enter your teammate's email in the "Recipient's email" field
  5. Click "Add"
  6. Continue steps 3 and 4 to add multiple teammates, up to 50
  7. When ready, click "Send invite" 


Once the invites are sent, you can immediately configure the permissions for your teammates to control what information they have access to on your partner program.

Resending a teammate's invite

If a teammate has not yet accepted your invitation you can provide a gentle reminder by resending the invite email from your Settings > Teammates tab.

Next to the invited teammate's email address click "Resend". If your teammate is having difficulty locating their invite, prompt them to check their spam and junk email folders for an email from "".

If your teammate cannot locate their invite email, reach out to the support team at or create a support ticket through your in-app support chat.

Removing a teammate

If a teammate has left your company, you can remove them from your program from your Settings > Teammates tab.

  1. Click on your Settings tab in your left-hand menu and into the Teammates
  2. Locate the teammate you would like to remove and click the three stacked dots on the right
  3. Select "Remove teammate"

Only teammates with Admin, or custom Teammate permissions can remove another teammate. 

If the departing teammate created Training courses for your partners, do not delete the teammate's profile. Once training courses have been created, these cannot be transferred from one Once a course has been created, it is not possible to transfer ownership of that course to another teammate in Litmos.

If the teammate who created your training is departing, please have them update their email on file to a company-owned email so you can continue to access and update your courses. For more information on teammate permissions and partner training please see the Partner training best practices support guide.

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