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The Fraud Suite takes the guesswork out of catching fraudulent Referrals and Purchases.
With it, you can identify and review flagged Referrals and their purchases before rewarding partners for their efforts.


How it works

Each referral and purchase goes through a series of fraud checks and is flagged if the activity looks suspicious.

Both Referrals and Purchases are flagged based on a variety of checks covered below.


Referral Fraud checks

Referrals are flagged around the following checks:

  • Email risk score: Our fraud service reported this Referral's email as being risky
  • Email similarities: Referral's email is similar to other Referrals submitted by the same Partner
  • IP risk score: The Referral's IP address as being risky
  • IP similarities: Referral IP address was similar to other Referrals submitted by the same Partner
  • Device fingerprint similarities: Referral signed up from a similar device and network as Referrals submitted by the same Partner
  • Self-referral: Partner signed up through their own referral link (configured from Fraud suite Settings)
  • Partner flagged: Partner was flagged for having multiple confirmed fraudulent submissions


Purchase Fraud checks

Purchases are flagged around the following checks:

  • The Purchase was made with an unverified payment source
  • The Purchase exceeded a predefined threshold (configured in settings)
  • The Referral was flagged as having a fraud status

Customizing your Fraud Suite Settings

There are some customizations you can make in PartnerStack to flag certain referrals and/or purchases: 


  • Auto-approve self-referrals: Automatically approve Partners who sign up and/or make a purchase through their own referral link(s).
  • Transaction threshold: Flag and review Purchases over a set amount



Two-step approval process

1. You will first be directed to Approve or Decline Referrals.

2. Next, you will be able to Approve or Decline the specific Purchases resulting from those Referrals.

Key Note: The fraud suite acts as a net that sits in front of the partner and company dashboards. Any rewards in the fraud suite will not show under the Referrals tab (company dashboard) or under partner payouts (partner dashboard) until they are approved! 

Approving a Flagged Referral

Now that you've had a chance to look through each referral's status, it's time to make a decision if you want to approve or decline. 

Approving a flagged Referral automatically approves any non-flagged Purchases made through that Referral

Any flagged Purchases, however, will need to be manually approved afterward.

Declining a Flagged Referral

Declining a flagged Referral will decline all of that Referrals' Purchases (both approved and unapproved), and remove any of their respective Partner rewards.

Approving a Flagged Purchase

Referrals with flagged Purchases will also be surfaced in the Fraud Suite.
Flagged Purchases must be approved before the Partner can receive any respective Rewards.

Key Note: If no action is taken in the fraud suite, not to worry! You can approve/decline fraud from previous months, and the reward will be generated and reflected on next month's invoice! 

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