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Add a little creativity behind your custom email templates with this functionality

When it comes to styling your email templates you can use these options to help you Bold, Italicize, List, Attach Photos and/or Hyperlink websites to your emails.

To style your emails, click on the customization of your choice and write the content in between the tags. 

For example, if you wanted to bold a title, you'll want to click on the 'B' and write your content in between the tags. 

To preview what your email will appear as, look at the test email on the right side of the page.

Key tip: Remember to close your tags 

How to Add Code

<strong>bold your message</strong> 
bold your message

<i>italicize your message</i> 
italicize your message


 • bulleted
 • list
 • here

<a href=””>hyperlink your message</a>
hyperlink your message

or add a picture that's hosted to a website



Shortcodes automatically change to reflect specific partner information as soon as you send the email to them.

{{first_name}} - auto-populates the partner’s first name

{{first_name}} - auto-populates the partner’s last name

{{link}} - auto-populates the partner’s link


Accepted HTML elements include:



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