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This article will be useful to you if are a company on PartnerStack looking to add a little creativity to your custom email templates

Stylizing emails with the editor bar

Email campaigns can be stylized using the top rich text editor bar, no HTML is needed!

Using the editor bar you can bold, and italicize text as well as create headers and quotes. The undo and redo buttons allow you to quickly revise content, and you can insert images, links, and shortcodes. 

Inserting images

To insert a photo, click the image icon in the editor bar, paste the image link and click "Add image".


Images must be hosted publicly, to be used in PartnerStack emails. 

Adding links

To add a link, highlight your desired text, click on the link icon in the editor bar, paste the link URL, and click "Link".


Additional formatting

Don't see what you're looking for in the editor bar? Not to fear, there are additional rich text formatting options available using the following keyboard shortcuts. 

You can also copy and paste formatted text directly into your email!

Text formatting keyboard shortcuts:

Command Windows/Linux macOS
Bold Control B Cmd B
Italicize Control I Cmd I
Underline Control U Cmd U
Strikethrough Control Shift X Cmd Shift X
Highlight Control Shift H Cmd Shift H
Code Control E Cmd E

Paragraph formatting keyboard shortcuts:

Command Windows/Linux macOS
Apply normal text style Control Alt 0

Cmd Alt 0

Apply heading style 1 Control Alt 1 Cmd Alt 1
Apply heading style 2 Control Alt 2 Cmd Alt 2
Apply heading style 3 Control Alt 3 Cmd Alt 3
Apply heading style 4 Control Alt 4 Cmd Alt 4
Apply heading style 5 Control Alt 5 Cmd Alt 5
Apply heading style 6 Control Alt 6 Cmd Alt 6
Numbered list Control Shift 7 Cmd Shift 7
Bullet list Control Shift 8 Cmd Shift 8
Code block Control Alt C Cmd Alt C
Subscript Control , Cmd ,
Superscript Control . Cmd .


Shortcodes automatically change to reflect specific partner information as soon as you send the email to them.

To use shortcodes, you can either click the </> button in the editor bar and select your desired shortcode from the drop-down or, or type:

  • {{first_name}} - auto-populates the partner’s first name
  • {{last_name}} - auto-populates the partner’s last name
  • {{group_name}} - auto-populates the partner's group name
  • {{link}} - auto-populates the partner’s link


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