What is the Marketplace?

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Discover and choose from over 400 companies to partner with within the Marketplace.

What is the Marketplace?

Whether you're looking to promote products that help with productivity, organization, analytics, and more, or just simply interested in finding new products and services, there's something for everyone.

PartnerStack's Marketplace lets you search for, discover, and partner with amazing companies, and we're adding new ones all the time!


Joining the PartnerStack Network

If you are applying to any of the programs in the PartnerStack Marketplace, you'll first need to apply to join the PartnerStack Network.

  1. Create a PartnerStack account at dash.partnerstack.com/handshake
  2. In your Marketplace tab apply to the PartnerStack Network
  3. When your application is approved, apply to programs through the PartnerStack Marketplace website, or directly in your PartnerStack account Marketplace tab

See the Joining the PartnerStack Network for more detail on the application process and best practices.

Browsing and filtering programs

Once you have joined the PartnerStack Network, it's time to browse and join programs!

Discover more partner programs that are relevant to you by browsing programs in your left-hand menu, or searching and filtering using the top search bar.

In your left-hand menu, you can browse for programs by category, or by ecosystem, by selecting HubSpot, Salesforce, or Shopify integrated apps. 

Using the top search bar you can search for programs by name, or by using advanced filters to discover and browse partner programs based on the type of referrals they accept.

  • Searching for programs: In the Marketplace search bar, you can search for programs by name, offer, and description. 
  • Filtering programs: You can filter programs by program type and program features by clicking "Advanced program search".


Marketplace advanced search options

Filter your search based on how a program accepts customer referrals:

  • Deal registration forms (reseller programs)
  • Client introductions via lead forms (referral programs)

Filter your search based on program features:

Filter your search based on programs' available offer structures:

  • % Revenue Share
  • CPL (Cost per lead)
  • CPA (Cost per action)
  • CPC (Cost per click)

What does Join Waitlist mean?

Join waitlist means that a company is currently in the process of setting up its partner program. Join the waitlist and they should notify you by email when their program is live! 🎉

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