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This article will be useful to you if want to easily manage and organize your resources into folders for your partners.

We have made organizing your resources for your partners much easier! 

Sort your resources by subjects such as "Logos & Banners", "Bloggers", "Case Studies" etc, and as well as break them up into subfolders to enhance clarity for your partners and yourself. 

Not sure what Resources are? Check out our other guides here:

Creating a Folder

From within your dashboard, head to Resources in the menu on the left. You can then select Create Folder, or you can also go ahead and Upload Resources and move them into folders at a later time. Learn more about adding Resources.

Deleting and Editing Folders

You can easily edit the name and description of your folder by hovering over the text you're wishing to change and clicking the small "Edit" button beside the title of the group, or by simply clicking into the text field. Give your Folder and/or resources a description to help partners better find resources!

Folders are now drag-and-drop friendly! Easily move your folders by clicking and holding your mouse, and then dragging.

You can also select multiple items at once and perform certain actions such as deleting items, moving resources to other folders, or updating which Groups can view the nested resources and folders:

Deleting a folder will delete the resources within it also.

Moving Existing Resources into New Folders

Moving existing resources to a new folder you just created is easy. Simply select the resource(s) you'd like to move and click "Move" in the top-right corner. Select the folder you'd like the resources to be moved to and click "Move" again to confirm. 

Folder/ Resource Accessibility

Update folder and resource accessibility by specifying a group or updating the group. 

Previewing Resources

Click on the title of the file and you can quickly access some basic information about the file, such as which Group it is shared with, the upload date, and how many times it's been downloaded. If it's an image, you'll also see an image preview here.

Excited to get started? Let's roll!

Create resource folders

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