Creating personalized discount codes

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This article will be useful to you if are looking to create discount codes for your partners to share with their network

This is a Shopify Feature:
This feature is only available for Shopify stores.

What are discount codes?

Personalized discount codes let your partners:

  • Share easily on Instagram, Snapchat, and other social media channels
  • Pass on exclusive discounts to their followers (% off, $ amount off, free shipping)

At this time, discount codes are enabled on a per-group basis, and they can only be created by your Customer Success Manager or PartnerStack Support. 

Once we have created the discount code for the Group you request, any partner moved into that Group will automatically have access to a discount code within their PartnerStack account. 

Use of a partner's referral link will track OVER a partner's discount code being used a checkout.

This means that if a customer clicks on one partner's referral link, but checks out with a different partner's discount code, the partner whose referral link was clicked will earn the sale and any subsequent rewards.

Discount codes and group changes

Whenever a new partner joins a new group within your program a discount code will be automatically created for them.

This means that if you move partners between groups that both have discount codes, the partner's current discount will automatically reset and create a new default code to match the new group's rules.

We recommend editing your "Partner Joins Program" welcome email to include your partner's discount code. All you have to do is write {{promo_code}} somewhere in the email and this will be replaced with their personal code once the email is sent. 

Enabling discount codes

If you decide you want to enable a discount code for your partners, please email your Customer Success Manager or with the following information:

  1. What type of discount do you want to offer, along with the exact amount:
    Options: % off, $ amount off, or free shipping
  2. Discount code name (your partners will not see this name)
  3. Do you want a minimum amount required for the customer to spend to use the code?
    Example: minimum purchase of $25
  4. Do you want the discount code to be reusable or one use per customer?
  5. Do you want it to be customizable? If you want your partners to be able to customize their own discount code (this is great for partners with their own branding)
  6. What do you want the discount code to look like?

When the code is created, partners will automatically be assigned a default code. If you have chosen to allow partners to customize their code, they will be able to edit this code after it is assigned. The default code must include the first and last name of the partner. PartnerStack uses the following templates to determine how your discount codes will look: 

{Name_Upper}: TONYYU
{Name}: TonyYu
{Name_Lower}: tonyyu
{Amount}: 15
{Rand_Char4}: Four random alphanumeric characters (rx6y)

You can choose to add any word or number to the beginning and/or end of the code template (ie. {Name_Upper}PartnerStack). 

When a partner is removed from your program

When a partner is removed from your PartnerStack program, their discount code will not be removed from your Shopify admin (as we are unable to perform that action). You will have to ensure you remove their associated discount code from Shopify.

Interested in creating discount codes for your program? 

Contact or your Customer Success Manager

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