Paying your partner commissions

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How are partners paid?

PartnerStack's automated commissions system lets you pay your partners' commissions in one easy payment. Your partners will be given the option to withdraw their earnings between the 8th and 13th of each month depending on your payment provider, and provided there are no invoicing delays.

Don't forget - you can review commissions throughout the month, without needing to wait for the invoice to generate!

We highly encourage all companies to review commissions throughout the month rather than waiting for the invoice, as this can make the review process easier and prevent commission delays for your partners.

For more information on how to review commissions before an invoice is generated, please see our Support Guide Reviewing partner commissions.

When is my partner commission invoice billed?

At the beginning of each month, PartnerStack sends the Account Owner of your PartnerStack account an invoice with all the commissions earned by your partners the previous month. These partner commission invoices are also accessible within your PartnerStack dashboard, on the Invoices tab. 

You have 7 full days to review the invoice before a charge is made to your account. On our standard payout timeline, the partner commission invoice will be charged early morning on the 8th of each month.

  • ACH: Invoices paid by ACH are processed within 5 days by Stripe and your bank 
    • After this 5-day processing period, funds are released to your partners to cash out (if your invoice is charged on the 8th, commissions are made available to partners on the 13th).
  • Credit card: Invoices paid by credit card are processed the same day
    • Funds are released to partners when the card has been successfully charged (if your invoice is charged on the 8th, commissions are made available to partners on the 8th)

Once you have paid out commissions to a partner, under no circumstances can they be taken back. Please use your 7-day commission invoice review period to ensure you are monitoring which commissions you want to approve and payout to your partners.

If commissions have been incorrectly paid to a partner please see our Clawbacks and Incorrect Commissions support guide.

Example payout schedule

  • March 1st - March 31st: Partner earns commissions
  • April 1st: Partner commission invoice sent to the company for review
  • April 1st - April 7th: Invoice review period where you can view all the commissions on your invoice and make any necessary changes
  • April 8th: Partner commission invoice is charged
  • April 8th-12th: Credit card payments are processed when the invoice is charged. ACH payments are processed over 5 days by Stripe and your bank
  • April 8-13th: Commissions are available for partners to withdraw depending on your payment method, and invoice charge date

Note: Invoices paid via ACH must be charged on the 8th to ensure they can be processed by Stripe and your bank for the commissions to be available to partners on the 13th.

What happens if the invoice charge fails?

To ensure the above payout timeline works seamlessly, be sure to keep updated payment information on your PartnerStack account. Any delays in payment of your partner commission invoice will result in the same length of delay in paying your partners their earned commissions.

If you notice a partner invoice charge has failed, please contact your Customer Success Manager or reach out to

My partner hasn't received their commission

Once commissions are available for partners to withdraw, they can withdraw using PayPal, Stripe or direct deposit. If a partner has reached out to you after withdrawing asking why they have not yet received their withdrawal, this may be due to the processing times of their payment provider. 

If the partner's withdrawal is marked as "Failed", direct the partner to reach out to PartnerStack support through their in-app chat bot. The PartnerStack support team will check for any issues with the partner's payment provider, and can resend the partner's payment when the issue has been resolved.

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