Creating custom referral links

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Who is this article for?

This article will be useful to you if are a partner on PartnerStack looking to create a custom referral link.

When you join a program on PartnerStack, you are automatically assigned a default referral link that you can share with your potential customers. To learn more about how this link works, check out our guide How Link Tracking Works.

If the company you partner with has enabled custom link creation you will also be able to create custom referral links.

Create a custom referral link

Custom links can have your company name or social media handle in them and can link to specific pages on the website of the company you partner with, which can help increase conversion rates.

To create a custom referral link: 

  1. Login to your account
  2. Click "Switch Program" in the top right-hand side of your account
  3. Select the program you are wanting to create a custom referral link for
  4. In the menu on the left-hand side, select "Links"
  5. If the program has enabled custom link creation you will see a "Custom link block"
  6. Click "Create a custom link"
  7. In the drawer view that opens enter:
    1. Your link title and description 
    2. Your link customization - this is the text that will display for your final link URL (i.e. your business name or social handle)
    3. The link's destination - this should be the website of the company you partner with
  8. Click "Create link"

Custom links can only contain numbers, letters, and dashes. They cannot contain any special characters such as question marks.


For tracking purposes, it is important that the customer lands on the website of the company you are partnered with. However, you can choose that your referrals land on a specific page or product on that website, if you desire!
You can have your custom link redirect to a blog page, but keep in mind that signups may not track from here unless you also have another referral link embedded in your blog page for referrals to click on.


Delete a custom referral link

If you would like to delete a custom link: 

  1. In your program Links tab scroll down to your custom links
  2. Click the expand arrow next to the link you would like to delete
  3. Click "Delete link"

Common Questions 

Why is the "Create" button greyed out when trying to create my link?
The most common reasons this would happen include:

  • The full link "https://" was inputted into the "My Referral Link" field when only "JedD" should have been inputted into that field.
  • The link you're trying to create already exists in your referral link list. Duplicate links can't be created
  • You have special characters in your link ( $, %, &, @, etc)

How many referral links can I have at a time?

Up to 100 unique referral links can be created for each partnership.

Can I edit my referral link?

Custom links cannot be edited. If you would like to change the destination for a custom link you can delete the custom link and recreate it with the same link customization, but a different destination. So long as you recreate the link with the same customization your custom link will continue to work and will redirect to the new destination. 

Why don't I have the option to create a custom referral link?

Not all programs choose to enable custom link creation. If you don't see a "Create a Custom Referral Link" option in your "Links" tab, the program you are partnered with has not enabled custom link creation. 

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