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Create a custom discount code for sharing that fits your branding

Note: This feature is only available if the company you partner with is an eCommerce store and has chosen to enable it. It is not available for all partners or companies.

If the company you are working with is eCommerce, they may choose to provide you with a discount code to share with your followers.


Your discount code can be applied at checkout, and gives the customer a discount on their purchase as well as ensures that the customer is counted in your referrals.

Note: If the customer has clicked a different partners link but uses your code at checkout, the partner whose link was clicked will be given the sale. To be safe, always share your link AND your discount code.

The amount of the discount code is controlled entirely by the company you are partnered with, but they may choose to allow you to customize your code so that it fits your branding.


If a discount code is available to you, you will see Discount Codes in the menu on the far left when logged in to your dashboard.




If your company has not chosen to allow you to edit your code, the "Edit" option will not be available to you.


The only restrictions when customizing your discount codes are these:

  • The company cannot already have a discount code that exists with that name
  • The discount code must be at least 4 characters
  • The code can contain letters and numbers only, no special symbols


 Common Questions:

1. I don't have a discount code in PartnerStack. What gives?

This means that the company you are partnered with either a) hasn't assigned you a discount code yet or b) is not currently using discount codes. If you aren't sure why or which of those options it is, send them a message! 

You can contact them easily from within your PartnerStack account following this guide: Contacting your company.


2. Why can't I edit my code?

This means that the company you are partnered with has chosen not to allow you to edit your discount code. 


3. My discount code isn't working at checkout! Help?

There are a few reasons this could be happening! For example, if the company you are partnered with has separate websites per country/location, your code will only work on the website specific to the partner program you are in.

Send us a message and we can see what the issue is! Send an email to and we will help you out.



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