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This article will be useful to you if are a company looking to personalize the links provided to your partners.

Customize link domain

PartnerStack links are initially formatted as, this guide explains how to customize the links to replace with a personalized alternative.

1. Gain access to your DNS records

  • Speak with your engineers or webmaster to determine who has access to create a DNS record.
  • Decide on your link domain and subdomain
    • Your subdomain is the first part of the link. Many companies use the prefix "try" or "get", however, you may choose anything. For example, or
    • Your domain is simply the root domain of your website, for example, 

2. Add DNS CNAME record

Create a CNAME record in your DNS to point your custom name to CNAME

For example, a company named Acme that decides to use the custom domain would set up the following record. CNAME

3. Contact PartnerStack Support

Please contact with the details of the CNAME record you've established. We will make the necessary changes on our end to accommodate. 

4. Test Link

Basic Test

Once your custom link has been added to your account, test your link by appending /gstest to your custom link domain.

Using the example above, the Acme test link would be

Technical Test

You can also check the status of your custom links by using the 'dig' command in a console. This will return the DNS records for a given domain.

Open Terminal, and use dig as such:

$ dig  

Which should return,


5. Notify your partners

If you are replacing existing links, please notify your partners once you have created your custom domain so that partners can update their links wherever they have shared them. 

While partner's links will still work and track activity, users with Adblocker will see a "disable blocking and continue to the site" message. For more information on links and Adblocker see our PartnerStack and Adblockers support guide.

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