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Availability note: The audit log is only available on certain plans. Please reach out to your Customer Success Manager to discuss enabling it.


The Audit Log is a feed of information that tracks all the changes being made to your account and program. This allows you to view what member of your team made a change to something, what that change was, and when it was made.

The audit log has a variety of headers that will provide specific information about an action that has taken place:

If it has been enabled, it can be found under Advanced Settings > Audit Log:



Object - The item/functionality that was changed or had an action taken on it. For example if a teammate updated a trigger the object listed would be 'trigger'.

Event - The type of action that was performed on the item/functionality. This will indicated if something has been created, updated or deleted.

Field - The specific part of the item/functionality that was affected. For example if a teammate changed the name of an existing trigger, the field would list 'Name'.

Old Value - The value the item/functionality contained prior to the action taking place.

New Value - The value the item/functionality contains now.

Description - Any extra information that is pertinent to the action, for example if permissions were changed on a teammate, the teammates name would be displayed here.

Edited By - The name of the teammate or admin who enacted the change.

Edited Date - The date the change occurred.


Above the feed is a variety of search tools, these allow you to filter the results specifically by an admin/teammate or by the content of specific headers.

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