Managing a partner team

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This article will be useful to you if you are wondering how to manage a partner team in PartnerStack.

If you are looking to work with other people or teammates on programs, a partner team may be a great option for you.

A partner team will allow members you invite to join your account to have their own PartnerStack account and links while enabling them to collaborate with you on your partnerships.

Partner teams allow organizations to cooperatively promote and resell products as a collective, rather than as individuals.

Managing a team

Once you sign up to join PartnerStack as a partner, a partner team is created by default and this automatically makes the user the Team Owner.

The team owner controls which programs the team joins. If a team owner joins a new program, all partner team members will also have access to that program through the partner team.

Team members can join other programs on PartnerStack outside of the team they are a part of, including programs their team is already a part of.  Both team members and team owners can simultaneously be in multiple partner teams, as well as multiple programs as an individual. All members within a partner team can see the full sales pipelines and activity of others within the team.

Team member roles

Owner: The creator of the partner team and overall owner of the partnership. The team owner has full admin access and can withdraw rewards.

The team owner cannot be reassigned.

Admin: A teammate with permissions to both contribute referrals and edit the partner team. Admins cannot withdraw rewards.

  • Both Owners & Admin's can:
    • invite new or existing PartnerStack users to their team
    • remove team members
    • promote team members to team admins
    • control partner team configuration

Member: Members can contribute referrals, but cannot edit the partner team or withdraw rewards.

Finance team member: The finance team member can view and withdraw rewards. 



Inviting, removing, and updating team members 

Once you've created and named your team, you'll see a Teams tab in your top menu bar. When you click on Teams, you'll be able to select your team from the drop-down and invite teammates to join your new team. 

To invite a new teammate:

1. Log into your account

2. Click "Teams" in the top menu bar and select your team

3. Click "Invite Member" or on the "Members" tab

4. Copy and share the direct invite link with your desired teammate, or enter their email address, and then click "Send Invite". Once sent, the team member will receive an email invite.

On the Invites tab you'll be able to see if they've accepted the invite or resend the email:



Want to enable domain-based joining? Check out the Partner teams: how to verify your domain for domain-based joining support guide.

To remove or update a team member role:

1. Click "Teams" in your top menu bar and select your team

2. In your team "Overview" tab click on the three vertical dots next to the name of the team member you are wanting to remove or update

3. Select "Remove" or "Update" from the list

  • "Remove" will require you to confirm that you want to remove the selected member.
  • "Update" will give you the option to change a team members' permissions. Keep in mind that admins have the ability to change the configurations and add, remove and update other members as well.


Settings and configurations

In your team "Configurations" tab, you can choose if you wish your teammates to be able to view the rewards they have earned, or if you want them hidden, and you can update your team name. 

If you are a team member with limited permissions, you will only be able to view who your other team members are. You will not be able to change anyone's roles, permissions, or settings.

If you are a team owner or admin, here's how you can choose if your team members can view rewards activity or not in the configuration tab.

To update your team name and show/hide rewards:

1. Log into your account

2. Navigate to Teams in the top menu bar

3. Select the Team you are wanting to edit the settings for out of the drop-down (if you have multiple- if you don't, skip this step!)

4. Select Configuration from the tabs along the top

5. Update your team name and click "Save" 

6. and/or choose if you want to Show or Hide Rewards:

  • Show = Team members see all rewards lines and rewards statistics
  • Hide = Team members cannot see the rewards generated for their activityconfig.gif

Deleting a team

If you are on more than one partner team and would like to delete your team, reach out to PartnerStack support. All teammates must be removed from your team and all rewards must be withdrawn before a team can be deleted.

Deleting a team cannot be undone. 

Payouts and rewards

All rewards generated as part of a partner team can be withdrawn by the team owner or finance team member. Rewards cannot be split up and withdrawn separately between the team owner and team members within PartnerStack.

For more information on the payment schedule please see How do I get paid?

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