Multi-Partner Attribution

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This feature is only available on specific plans. Chat with your Customer Success Manager to learn more!

Multi-Partner Attribution is a functionality which allows a referral to have a relation to more than one partner in a program. When creating offers you will have the option to set rules that are targeted to specific partner relationship roles. This allows partners to be rewarded on different actions taken by the same referral based on that partner's role.

Adding Partners to a Referral

To add multiple partners to a referral, navigate to Performance & Rewards > Referrals and locate the customer you wish to edit. Click Add Partner on the desired customer to open their settings.



On the page that opens you will see the current partners, the referral is attributed to as well as an option to add additional partners.


A referral must always have a primary partner, if you wish to delete the original partner the referral was attributed to, you must first switch the primary role to a new partner.

Roles can also be assigned here either when adding a new partner, or to existing partners by pressing the plus button under 'Roles'



Roles are custom to each company and will be set up during the initial configurations of your program. If you are looking to add/edit your roles please feel free to reach out to your Customer Success Manager.

The purpose of roles is to split partners into different segments so that they can be attached to specific actions made by the customer.

A partner may have any number of roles and roles may be shared between multiple partners.

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