How do I get my tax forms or commission receipt?

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This article will be useful to you if are a partner on PartnerStack looking to obtain information on your commissions to file your taxes.

Tax forms

Tax is not taken off your withdrawal at the time of withdrawal. When it comes to tax time, your tax forms (such as 1099k) will be provided by your payout provider, Stripe or PayPal. You can also download a withdrawal receipt from your PartnerStack dashboard. The companies you are partnered with are not obligated to provide you with these tax documents.

To find out which payout provider you are using, please visit your Commissions tab. For more information on the available payment providers see the Adding a payment provider support guide.

How to get tax forms from Stripe

Per the IRS’s requirements, Stripe issues 1099-Ks to Stripe accounts associated with a unique Tax Identification Number (TIN) that have accepted at least 200 charges, totaling $20,000.00, or more, through their Stripe account.  Please see Stripe's support articles for more information on 1099-K forms:

How to get tax forms from PayPal

PayPal will track the payment volume of your account(s) to check whether your payment volume exceeds both of these levels in a calendar year:

  • $20,000 USD in gross payment volume from sales of goods or services in a single calendar year
  • 200 payments for goods or services in the same year.

For more information, please refer to PayPal's Help Centre directly:

If you have more questions about finding your tax forms, reach out to Stripe or PayPal directly.

Commission receipts for invoicing

If you require receipts for your tax purposes these can be downloaded in-app following the steps below. Tax or VAT are not taken off your commissions at the time of withdrawal. 

If you have questions on whether or not you should be claiming your earnings through PartnerStack, or questions on tax laws, speak to a local tax authority for assistance.

To download a withdrawal receipt:

  1. Log into your PartnerStack dashboard here 
  2. Click on your "Commissions" tab in your top menu bar
  3. In your Commissions table click on the "Withdrawals" sub-tab
  4. Click on the withdrawal you would like a receipt for
  5. In the window that opens, click "View Receipt"
    1. Note, you will not be able to view or download your receipt until you have entered your billing address
  6. Your receipt will open in a new window. Right-click on the receipt, click "Print" set the destination as "Save as PDF" and click "Print"screencast%2B2023-04-25%2B14-52-36.gif

Entering and updating billing information

Your billing information must be added in your account Financials tab to download a receipt. If you have not yet entered a billing address you will see "Your business address is missing". 

Click "Add business address" to navigate to your Fiancials tab. Here you willl be able to enter your business address as well as your VAT/Tax ID if applicable. 

If you have entered your details but would like to make changes, click "Update details".


If you would prefer to consolidate all your receipts into one invoice to submit for your tax purposes you can create one using the totals from your receipts, and an invoice template.

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