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This article will be useful to you if are a company on PartnerStack, looking to prevent your emails from landing in your partner's Spam folder.

You must add DMARC records to your domain's DNS provider to avoid your PartnerStack emails from being flagged as spam or suspicious. DMARC records provide certainty on whether an email is legitimate, and can result in a positive impact on email delivery.

If your domain has not published a DMARC record, your partner's email servers will make its own decision on whether or not your email is suspicious and should be delivered. If it determines that the email is suspicious, your partner may see phishing warnings or the email may land in their spam folder. 

What is DMARC?

Many popular email inbox providers (Gmail, Yahoo, etc) will prevent emails from being delivered if the sending address of the email is not validated by the DNS records of that domain.

DMARC, which stands for “Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting & Conformance”, is an email authentication, policy, and reporting protocol.

This protects users from email spam, possible phishing attacks, or other security concerns.

This is what a phishing warning looks like in Gmail:


Because PartnerStack sends emails on behalf of your company's domain name, you'll need to take a few simple steps to ensure we can do so successfully.

1. Contact Support 

Contact the PartnerStack support team at and mention "DMARC". Support will provide the CNAME records you'll need to add to your domain's DNS records. If your DNS provider is GoDaddy, mention that as well. 

2. Add CNAME records to your DNS

Add the three CNAME records to your domain's DNS records, as given to you by Support. You may need to contact a technical resource at your company to have these records added.

3. Validate CNAME records

Let Support know that the records have been added. Support will validate that the addition was successful, and assist you with troubleshooting if it was not. 


With the correct DNS records added, PartnerStack emails to your partners are more likely to be signed and verified by your domain. This allows your emails to be successfully delivered to your partner's main inbox. 

Adding DMARC will help improve but not guarantee successful email delivery.

If your emails are still landing in spam folders after you have added DMARC, there are other reasons that this could be happening, including the following:

  • The recipient has flagged your emails as spam 
  • They have opted out of receiving your emails (partners can "unsubscribe" from within an email, or toggle their email settings within their account)
  • The actual content of your emails, including the message body, links, images, and headers, can all be factors that rank for spam. Consider your content carefully and consult a marketing specialist if necessary.

To see a breakdown of the potential reasons your emails are landing in spam we recommend trying a free email tester.

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