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This article will be useful to you if are a Company on PartnerStack looking to collect information on your partners. 

What are Partner Fields?

Partner Fields are a way for companies to collect information about their partners and store that information within PartnerStack or send it out to a CRM. A company can create fields that they wish to have their partners fill out, and then Partners will be prompted to fill out responses to each field in their dashboard.

This will enable you to collect important information about your partners in a format that can change over time. Collecting this information will allow you to understand your partners better, and use that data to scale revenue and improve partner activation. You can collect and store important information about partners beyond preliminary information collected in an application form, and update that information as things change.

How to use Partner Fields

Note: Your CSM will need to toggle this feature on.

  1. Navigate to Settings > Features > Partner Fields > Configure

  2. Create a field(s)

    1. There are 6 different input types that can be used to collect information on forms:

      Input- a small text field

      Text Area - a larger text field

      Dropdown- create a list of options the partner can choose from

      Checkbox- a toggle option

      Country - creates a dropdown list of all countries to be selected from

      Region - a small text field that can be used to collect state/province/city information

  3. Once created, partners will be able to see a tab in their dashboard called “My Profile”.

    1. Partners can click into that tab to fill out any fields available to them. Companies can see updates from partners, and can also update fields themselves


How to update a partner's field

You may want to update a partner’s fields for them, and not rely on partners to fill out their own fields 100% of the time. In this case, there are a few ways to do this. You can update partners’ fields through:

  • the API
  • import
  • manually; by clicking into a partner on the partner list, and hitting “view custom fields”

Note: Partners will not get a notification that their values have been changed, but if they access their profile within a program, they would see the values that had been updated by the company.


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