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This will be useful to you if you are a company wondering what partner designations in PartnerStack mean.

What are Partner Designations?

To help you know which partners are worth spending time working with, we have created several designations that a partner can receive to set them apart from the others: Top Partners, High Potential Partners, and Premium Partners. This article will walk you through what qualifications partners need to have in order to be placed in one of those three categories.

Top Partners

Our Top Partner designation is a data-driven designation that is assigned to a partner if they achieve one (or more) of a set of performance metrics from programs that they are already a part of.

These metrics include earning commissions, driving paying customers (not just free sign-ups), submitting high-quality leads, and submitting deals for companies to close. We weigh these differently to ensure that you’re seeing Top Partners across different personas - whether they’re top affiliates, top referral partners, or top resellers!

Why did we make this criteria?

We understand that companies want to know which partners have driven success to other programs on PartnerStack. This will allow you to give priority focus to the partners that have proven success before joining your program.

High Potential Partners

To earn the High Potential designation, a partner must have a high Domain Authority (DA) score. We use a 3rd party service to verify a partner’s DA score when they sign up to PartnerStack, and that’s the value we use here! We use a cut-off that is typically seen as a high-quality DA in the industry.

Why did we make this criteria?

This will give you a better understanding of whether the partner has the potential to be a value-driving partner but just may not have the “Top Partner” badge because they are new to PartnerStack.

Premium Partners

Here at PartnerStack, we have a Partner Success team that is dedicated to helping our most successful partners find new programs to join. Those partners are hand-picked by our Partner Success team, so there are no data-driven criteria here - but you can rest assured that if they’re a good fit for your program, these partners are bound to drive results.

Why did we make this criteria?

While we have our Top Partners designation, we wanted to go one step further to help you identify partners that work with PartnerStack directly and are even more likely to become active in your program.

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