Changing partner account ownership

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Who is this for? This article will be useful to you if you are a partner looking to pass ownership of your PartnerStack account to a new partner. 

The owner of a PartnerStack account is the owner of the main email address on file. 


If you are a partner working at an agency, you may need to pass ownership of your PartnerStack account to a new or different co-worker during role changes.

You may also wish to pass ownership of your account to a new partner if you are the owner of a partner team and want pass ownership of your team to a different coworker.

Please note, while it is not possible to reassign team ownership to another member on your partner team, you can update the ownership of the team owner account following the steps below to change your team owner. 

If you are the current account owner

If you are the current account owner, you can update your account email either in-app, or by contacting our support team from your email address on file.

  • If you sign in using your email and a password, you can update your account email in your account profile following the steps in this support guide.
  • If you sign in using Google authentication ("Sign in with Google") please contact our support team at and our team will assist you in updating your account email.
    • Please provide our support team with the new account owner's preferred email address. 

Please note, each email address can only be in used on one PartnerStack account.

If the new account owner already has a PartnerStack account using their preferred email address they can:

  • Use and alias of their email address (
  • Use a second email address they have access to
  • Reach out to our support team who can help free up their current email address

If you are not the current account owner

For security reasons, the request to change ownership of an account must come from the current account email on file.

If you are not the current account owner, i.e. you work at an agency and the main account owner is another employee, your next steps will be determined by whether or not the current account owner is still at your company. 

  • If the employee is still at your company, please email and cc your co-worker requesting that they confirm the account ownership change. 
  • If the employee is no longer at your company, and their email has been deactivated please have your IT department reactivate the email address, and contact to request the email change from the original email on file. 

In either case, once support has received a confirmation sent from the current email address on file, they can assist with updating the main email on file, and resetting the account password.

Account ownership best practices

If you creating or running a PartnerStack partner account on behalf of an agency or partner team we recommend using a company owned email address that will not be deactivated during personnel changes (,,, etc).

If you would prefer to have a specific employee's email as the main email address on file we recommend including transferring account ownership in your off-boarding process.

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