Requesting Marketing Funds from a company

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Who is this for? This will be useful to you if you are a partner on PartnerStack looking to make a request for Marketing Funds from a company you partner with

What are Marketing Funds?

Marketing Funds also known as Market Development Funds or MDFs are funds a company can choose to provide you to help you promote and sell their product or services in a particular market or geographic region.

Making a Marketing Fund request

If a company you partner with has made a Marketing Fund available to you, you will receive an email and will see a "Marketing Funds" tab appear in the left-hand menu of your partnership.

If the company has not assigned current or previous Marketing Funds to you, this tab will not appear in your partnership.

To make a Marketing Fund request:

  1. Log into your PartnerStack dashboard here
  2. In your desired program, click into the "Marketing Funds" tab
  3. Click "View fund" on the active fund you would like to submit a request for
    1. Note: you can be assigned multiple funds
  4. Click "Request funds" 
  5. Fill out all mandatory fields in the Marketing Funds request form.
    1. Be sure to enter a detailed description that lets the company know how you will use the fund if your request is approved
  6. Click "Submit"

Note: Once you have submitted a request it cannot be edited or deleted so be sure to add all the details you want the company to see. If you have additional information you would like to provide a company after submitting a request please reach out to the company directly using your Messages tab. 

Marketing Fund budgets

Your Marketing Fund may include a budget. When you submit a request, the amount requested will automatically be deducted from this budget. If your request is declined by the company, the amount will be returned to your budget. 

You can make multiple requests so long as the total of your requests does not exceed your Marketing Fund budget.

Marketing Fund statuses

Once you have submitted a request the company you partner with will be notified. They can then review your request and choose to approve or decline it. 

Request status Description
Requested Your request has been submitted and is pending review by the company you partner with 
Approved The company has approved your fund request

The company has declined your fund request

Receiving Marketing Funds

Once approved, it is up to the company you partner with to determine how they would like to pay out your Marketing Fund. They can choose to create a manual commission to pay you through the PartnerStack platform or arrange for external payment. 

If the fund is paid through PartnerStack the manual commission is subject to applicable payment provider fees and will be paid out following the regular payment schedule.

If you have questions on how the company pays its Marketing Funds, reach out to them directly using your Messages tab for more information.  

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