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This article will be useful to you if you are looking to join partner programs and earn commissions through the PartnerStack Marketplace.

If you are applying to any of the programs in the PartnerStack Marketplace, you'll first need to apply to join the PartnerStack Network. This process has been introduced to maintain our Network quality, and so that you as a partner can be approved by more companies faster. 

What is the PartnerStack Network application?

The application process only requires a few details from you as a partner to get started. While other networks require 20+ pieces of information that could take a long time to pull together, PartnerStack requires only 8-10 pieces of information about you as a partner. 

Approval to the PartnerStack Network means:

  • A 75% higher chance of being accepted to programs
    • Share details about your business to help program managers quickly identify the potential of your partnership. Partners who complete their profile are 75% more likely to be accepted into programs.
  • Better discovery by in-demand programs
    • Fill out your profile information to get invitations to in-demand partner programs delivered directly to your inbox.
  • Smart suggestions for new partnerships based on your business
    • Feed the PartnerStack matching algorithm with information about your business and we'll serve up the ideal partnership suggestions for you.

Below you will find a description of each application field, along with helpful details on what information you should include to demonstrate you are a good fit for the PartnerStack Network.

Your business name

When initially creating your account, you'll be prompted to enter your business name. The business name on your PartnerStack account should reflect a legitimate business, and match the domain of your email. If your business name and email do not match, this may detract from the legitimacy of your Network application.

Partners are not declined from the PartnerStack Network for using a personal email, however, your application will be strengthened if the email on your account is a business domain, rather than a Gmail or free email provider. 

For example, if your business name is "Acme", is preferable to and increases the likelihood of Network application approval. 

If you signed up with your personal email and would like to update your account to your business email this can be done from your account Settings by following the steps in our Updating your account settings support guide.

What type of partner are you?

When applying to the PartnerStack Network, you'll first be prompted to let us know what type of partner you are. There's no wrong answer here, and no answer that is less likely to be accepted than any other. Let us know how you operate! 

PartnerStack welcomes all types of partners to our network. You can select more than one partner type if applicable or select "Other" to enter a 40-character max description of your partner type if it is not listed.

Tell us about your business

After you've given us an overview of who you are as a partner, tell us more about your business! There are four required fields in this section:

  1. Business website
    1. Provide a functioning business website that our Network team can review for legitimacy. If your link doesn’t work, leads to a dead page, leads to a non-business website (like a personal Facebook page), or leads to a site that you don’t own, this could be grounds for rejection from our network. Your application is strengthened if your website is up-to-date and clearly indicates how you will generate traffic or customers for your partnerships.
  2. LinkedIn Profile URL
    1. To avoid errors, we recommend copying and pasting your business’s LinkedIn URL. If your business doesn’t have a LinkedIn, copy and paste your personal link. If our Network team can’t match the LinkedIn profile to your PartnerStack account, that could be grounds for rejection from our network, so make sure the email/ business name you’ve used to sign up clearly matches your LinkedIn profile.
  3. Location
    1. Tell us where you’re located by selecting your country from the drop-down. We welcome partners from all locations.
  4. Business description
    1. In a couple of sentences, let us know about your business, who you sell to, and how you might promote your partnerships. Your application will be strengthened by proper spelling, grammar, and punctuation, and if your business lines up with what the companies on our network are looking for. If your description is too vague or unprofessional, this could be grounds for rejection from our network.

Tell us about how you work

In this last section, let us know how you operate as a partner. This will help our Network team and the companies you apply to better understand your partner profile, and enable them to start working with you faster. There are 6-8 required questions depending on the partner type(s) you selected.

  1. What industries do you focus on?
  2. What types of sales channels do you use?
  3. What products do you sell?
    1. This question will only appear if you selected "reseller"
  4. What distributors do you use?
    1. This question will only appear if you selected "reseller"
  5. Where is your audience located?
  6. What types of customers do you work with?
  7. What is your monthly audience size, in terms of traffic?
  8. What is your preferred commission structure?

Application approval

Based on your profile and provided answers, you will either be accepted into the PartnerStack Network and will be able to apply for new partnership programs, or you will be declined from the Network and can reapply at a later date.

Once your application has been approved or declined you will receive an email including the status of your application. If your application has been declined, this email will detail why your application was declined and will indicate when you can reapply. 

In most cases, network applications are reviewed by our network team within 5 business days.

The team may need additional time if they need to confirm information from your application, or if they are reviewing a higher-than-normal volume of applications.

The decision to approve or decline your application is made by our Network team, our support team is not able to change your application decision. 

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