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This article will be useful to you if are a company on PartnerStack, looking to communicate with individual partners, or partner team members through the Messages tab.

Communicating with partners, be it to learn more about them, or answer questions about your company and partner program, is an important part of fostering partner relationships, and growing trust. 

Email campaigns are another great communication tool for when you want to communicate with all your partners, or specific groups or segments. For more information on using email campaigns see the Creating emails in PartnerStack support guide.

Messages overview

The Messages tab allows your team to work collaboratively to respond to partner messages. In this shared inbox, a message read by one team member will be marked as read for all teammates. 

Your messages tab has two main sections: 

  • All: Read and unread messages
  • Unread: Unread messages

As you read through and reply to messages in your "Unread" messages tab, they will be marked as read and moved to the "All" tab. Messages can be marked as unread if they require later follow up or attention from a different teammate.

Message a partner team

To message a partner team:

  1. Navigate to your All Partners tab and select the partner team you would like to message
  2. Click "Message team" to start a conversation with the entire team

Message a member of a partner team

To message a specific member of a team:

  1. Navigate to your All Partners tab and select the partner team you would like to message
  2. Scroll down to view the "Partner Members"
  3. Click on the individual team member you would like to message
  4. Click "Message member"

Filter messages

Easily filter your messages by group, assigned manager, or application status to locate the messages that are relevant to you.

Messages in your All Messages and Unread Messages tabs can be filtered by group, program manager, or application status (declined or pending). 

Mark messages as unread

Ensure that important messages are read by you and your teammates by marking them as unread in your shared inbox.

  1. In your Messages tab click into the message you would like to mark as unread
  2. In the top right hand corner, click "Mark as unread" and close the window

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