How to login and how to reset my password

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How to login

The URL you need to log into is


You will need to enter the email address you signed up with, click 'Continue', then enter your password.

Then, click on 'Sign me in'. 

Google-authenticated accounts

If you receive the following error message, your account is Google-authenticated.


On, you will need to click 'Sign in with Google'

If you are still having issues, try logging in using an incognito window in Chrome

How to reset your password

To reset your password, go to and enter in the email address you signed up with, then click 'Continue'. 

Next, click on 'Forgot your Password?'
Enter your email address and click on 'Send Reset Email' (it will highlight blue once your email is entered). 

Note: You will need to log out of your account first to reset your password

If your account is locked

If you have attempted multiple times to enter your password without success, your account will be locked. An email will be sent to you to reset your password, otherwise, your account will automatically unlock after 24 hours. 


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