Submitting a Lead

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This article will be useful to you if are a partner on PartnerStack looking to submit a lead to a program you partner with.

What is a lead?

A lead is a potential customer that you believe is likely to purchase from the company you partner with. Unlike deals that you work to close, when you submit a lead, the company's sales team will work to close the customer and will keep you updated on the status of the lead.

In your Leads tab, you can quickly submit leads and/or sales through your PartnerStack account and earn commission once the lead or sale is approved.

Note: The option to submit a lead will only be available if the company you partner with uses and has enabled lead submission. 

To submit a lead

  1. Log into your Partner Dashboard
  2. Click "Your programs" in the top right-hand corner and select the company you wish to submit a lead to
  3. Click on the "Leads" tab
  4. Click "Submit a lead"
    1. You can also click "Submit a lead" directly from your program Summary page
  5. Fill out the lead form, ensure you have filled in all mandatory fields
  6. Click "Submit lead"


Once you have submitted a lead, it will be sent to the company for review. You'll be notified via email when the status of the lead has changed, and you can monitor them from within the Leads tab.

Importing multiple leads

If the company you partner with has enabled lead importing, you will see three stacked dots next to "Submit a referral". Clicking on these will open a drop-down menu where you can choose to import leads or view your import history. 


To import a CSV of leads:

  1. Click into your Leads tab and click on the three stacked dots to the right of "Submit a lead"
  2. Select "Import leads" from the drop-down
  3. In the drawer view that opens click "Download CSV template" 
  4. Fill out the CSV template ensuring that you have filled out all of the required fields
    1. Data must be provided under these fields for each lead
  5. Click "Add file" or drag and drop to preview your CSV data
  6. Review the leads to be imported in the preview 
    1. Any formatting errors will be highlighted in the preview
  7. When ready, click "Import and submit"

Once you have imported your CSV you can navigate to "View import history" to check the status of the import and to download an error CSV if there were any issues with leads in your import. 

Viewing and editing a Lead

Once you have submitted your lead, you can view their most up-to-date status in your Leads tab "Status" column. 

In your leads tab, you can view the current status of your lead. These statuses will change as the company goes through the approval process, and also can vary based on the company's approval process.

Lead statuses

Lead statuses you may see are: New, Qualified, Unqualified, Closed Won, and Closed Lost. 

You will receive email notifications when a lead's status is updated to Qualified, and Closed Lost, or Won.

Some companies may have custom names for their lead stages. If you have questions on a particular lead status you can reach out to the company you partner with using your Messages tab. 

If you would like to edit a lead's details, click on the lead to open their detail view and click the pencil icon. 


Customer tab and statuses

Once your lead has been marked as Closed Won and the customer has been created they will be moved to your Customers tab where you can continue to monitor their status.

If your customer has made a purchase, you will see revenue appear in the "Revenue" column. 

Customer statuses you may see are: Signed Up, and Paid. 


Earning commissions from leads

How you earn commissions from leads you have submitted depends on the offer structure of the company you partner with. Some companies may issue a commission when a lead is marked as closed won, others may issue a commission on transactions that occur after the lead is marked as closed won.

You can view the offers available on a program's Summary page. If you have any questions about a company's offer structure reach out to the company directly using your Messages tab.

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