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The most frequent questions from companies on PartnerStack


Why does PartnerStack charge a fee on partner payouts?

PartnerStack charges a percentage (known as a take fee) on your partner reward invoice total so that we can scale our support for your program as it grows, and share a mutually aligned incentive in getting new partners into their program via our Marketplace.

If you're curious about what your take fee is, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager or email


My Partner can't log into their PartnerStack account! What do I do?

  • Have them reset their password
  • If your partner has tried resetting their password multiple times, have them:
    1) Use Google Chrome Incognito browser and reset their password using the above link
    2) While still using Incognito browser, have them log into their email account and click the email requesting the password reset; they should then reset their password from there
  • If they have attempted a Login more than 6 times in a row, their account will automatically lock as a security precaution. Please contact us at to unlock their account
My Partner reached out to me with questions about using their Partner Dashboard. How do I see what that looks like, so I can help them navigate?
Absolutely! Being able to walk your Partners through their own Dashboard is important. You can see the below two guides which overview the Partner side of PartnerStack. You can also share these links with them if they want more information!

Comprehensive Overview of the Partner Dashboard

Video Walkthrough of the Partner Dashboard
How do Partner payouts work?
Your partners earn rewards between the first and last day of the month. They are eligible to cash out those rewards the following month, on the 13th. Your partner reward invoice must be paid by the 8th of each month to ensure your partners are paid on the 13th. Any delays should be communicated to your partners through the Messaging suite.

May 1 to May 31 - Rewards are calculated
June 1 - A reward invoice is generated for you to review
June 1 to June 7 - Companies have 7 days to review and flag rewards on the invoice
June 8 - The invoice is charged to the card on file
June 13 - Rewards are released to partners after a 5-day hold. An email is sent to your partners (after the 5-day hold) indicating that they have rewards available to cash out.

Click here for more on paying out your partners.
How can I update my credit card details?
  1. Log into your Company Dashboard 
  2. Go into Settings > Billing > Payment Methods
  3. Be sure to delete any unused credit cards on file
  4. Click on +Add Payment Method
  5. Input details & Save


When to contact support versus your customer success manager?

Our support team is there to help you for troubleshooting situations that may arise, or when you notice things aren’t working as expected. Your CSM can help you talk business strategy and ensure you’re leveraging all of the features that can lead to your programs’ success.


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