What are resources?

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Who is this article for?

This article will be useful to you if are a partner on PartnerStack looking to find resources your program has uploaded for you.

What are resources?

Resources are sales and marketing materials provided by the companies you partner with. You can view and download resources from your PartnerStack dashboard in your Resources tab. 

These resources can be used to help you promote companies more effectively. 

How resources help

  1. Promote companies using marketing materials such as banners, case studies, and product briefs
  2. Learn more about a company and their product through resources they've uploaded
  3. Filter specific company resources using the search tool

Pro-tip: Marketing materials can add credibility to your message. Include product banners, images, case studies, and FAQs in your emails, posts, and blogs to help others learn more about the company you're recommending.

Finding your resources

  1. Log in to your account
  2. Click "Your programs" and select the company you want to view resources for
  3. In your desired program click "Resources" in your left menu

Once in your Resources tab, you can click through the resources provided by the company you partner with, or search for resources by name or description. To view recently added resources click the "View by" drop-down and select "Recently added".

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Downloading a resource

Once in your Resources tab, you will find resources may be grouped in helpful folders such as "Banners", or "Case Studies". Once you have found the resource you would like to download, click on the resource to open a preview and click "Download", or click the download icon on the far right. 

Note, some resources may be URLs. To view a URL resource click on the resource and "Open link" from the preview, or click the quick link icon on the far right.

Not able to download resources?

You may experience an issue downloading resources if your internet browser has a pop-up blocker enabled. Be sure to either briefly disable the pop-up blocker to allow for a successful resource download, or set permissions within the pop-up blocker to allow downloads from your PartnerStack dashboard.

If you have questions on a specific resource, or to request additional resources contact the company you partner with from your Messages tab.

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