How do I earn commissions?

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This article will be useful to you if you are a partner wanting to know more about how to earn commissions.

Earning commissions

Depending on which program(s) you're a part of, you can earn commissions (previously known as rewards) for getting great software, services, and products into the hands of the right people. 

To incentivize your participation, each company will have different commission structures that fit the kind of product or service they provide. You can view a company's current commission offers on the program's Summary page. 

Some examples of commission offers are:

  • 15% of every sale made
  • $100 for every sale made
  • $5 for every 10 signups
  • $25 for writing a blog post
  • $5 for leaving a review

At the beginning of each month, your commissions are invoiced and sent to companies for review. Once the commissions are reviewed and paid for by companies, they will be available for withdrawal from your Commissions tab. You have the option of withdrawing your commissions with PayPal, Stripe, or direct deposit. 

Not sure how to get started? Check out our Sharing your link support guide for some best practices on sharing your link with your network.

Drip commissions

Drip commissions may be used by companies to delay commission generation by a set period of time, often to account for customer cancellation periods. 

If the company you partner with uses drip commissions you will see the following when you earn a commission:

  • A "commission created" event will show in your home & program summary Activity feeds
  • A "pending commission" in your All-time stats graph on your home page (displayed in yellow)
  • Your commission will be displayed in your "Commissions" tab after the drip delay period has passed

Not sure if the company you partner with uses drip commissions? Contact them using your in-app Messages tab for more information on their offer structure.

Viewing your commissions 

Your Commissions tab displays your available and projected earnings, a table of the commissions you have earned, and the withdrawals you have made.

Available & projected commissions:

Available commissions are displayed on the left-hand side of your "Commissions" tab with a summary of projected earnings on the right. You can filter projected earnings to display this month, next month, or the rest of the year. 

To view your available & projected commissions:

  1. Log in to your account
  2. Click on "Commissions" in your top menu bar
    1. Your currently available funds will be displayed on the left, with projected earnings on the right
  3. To view all commissions, scroll down to view your comissions table

Commissions table:

In your Commissions table, you can filter commissions by their creation date, program, comission status, and estimated available date. You can also toggle commissions to view them in ascending or descending order based on their creation date, estimated available date, and amount. 

The estimated available date is an estimate. Commissions may be available before or after this date. If a company has to delay commission approval or payment for any reason, your commissions may be available after the indicated estimated available date. If this occurs, reach out to the company you partner with using your Messages tab for more information. 

Exporting commissions:

  1. Log in to your account
  2. Click on "Commissions" in your top menu bar
  3. In your Commissions table, apply any desired filters (if applicable)
  4. Click "Export commissions"
  5. In the drawer view that opens, select "Active commission table filters" or "All-time commissions"
  6. Click "Export commissions"

Withdrawing your commissions

Once you have earned over $5 in commissions you will be able to withdraw your commissions using either PayPal or Stripe from your "Commissions" tab. 

Check out our Adding a payment provider support guide for step-by-step instructions on adding PayPal or Stripe. 

Viewing your withdrawals:

In your Withdrawal table, you can view your withdrawal date, the payment provider your withdrawal was sent to, the status of your withdrawal, and the amount of the withdrawal.

To view your withdrawals:

  1. Log in to your account
  2. Click on "Commissions" in your top menu bar
  3. Click on the "Withdrawals" table 

From the Withdrawals table, you can download a CSV summary of the withdrawal and create a withdrawal receipt for your tax purposes. For more information on withdrawal receipts, see our How do I get my tax forms or commissions receipt? support guide. 

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