How do I earn rewards?

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Earning Rewards

Depending on which program(s) you're a part of, you can earn rewards for getting great software, services, and products into the hands of the right people. 

To incentivize your participation, each company will have different rewards structures that fit the kind of product or service they provide. The structure for your program will appear on your partner dashboard and the company's profile.

Some examples of rewards are:

  • 15% of every sale made
  • $100 for every sale made
  • $5 for every 10 signups
  • $25 for writing a blog post
  • $5 for leaving a review

Collecting your Rewards

At the beginning of each month, your rewards are calculated and sent to companies for review. Once rewards are reviewed and paid for by companies, they will be available for cash-out under the payouts tab in your account. You have the option of cashing out via PayPal or Stripe. 

To view your current Cash Earned balance, log in to your account and click Payouts.

You can only cash out your earnings when your Cash Earned balance is over $5 USD

To learn more about how to add or edit your PayPal or Stripe account, click here.


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