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This article will be useful to you if are a partner on PartnerStack looking to submit a deal to a program you partner with.

What is a deal?

Deals are customers you believe are likely to purchase from the company you partner with. Unlike leads which are worked to close by the company you partner with, deals are registered and worked to close by you, the partner.

Registering and managing deals in PartnerStack is easy, and allows you to earn commissions for the deals you close.

Note: The option to register a deal will only be available if the company has enabled deal submissions. Deal stages and forms are specific for each company.

To register a deal

  1. Log into your Partner Dashboard
  2. Click "Your programs" in the top right-hand corner and select the company you wish to register a deal with
  3. Click on the "Deals" tab
  4. Click "Register a Deal"
    1. You can also click "Register a Deal" directly from your program Summary page
  5. Fill out the deal registration form, ensure you have filled in all mandatory fields
  6. Click "Register a Deal"screencast_2023-04-12_14-25-14.gif

Once you have registered a deal, the company's sales team will be notified.

If someone from the company is already in the process of working the same deal they will let you know and you will be ineligible from progressing it through your pipeline. Once your deal is approved, you can update the deal stages as you move the deal through your pipeline.

Updating a Deal

As you move the deal through your pipeline, you'll be able to update the stages so the company can track your progress. The stages that you can update between are set by the company and will thus vary from program to program.


When you win a deal, log in and update the status to closed-won. At this point, the company will be notified to approve the closed-won deal, and you'll earn commissions based on the company's available commission offers.

Marking a deal as closed-won means that they are now a customer of the company you partner with. Once a deal is moved to closed-won you will no longer be able to update it.

Earning commissions from deals

How you earn commissions from deals you work to close depends on the offer structure of the company you partner with. Some companies may issue a commission when a deal is marked as closed won, others may issue a commission on transactions that occur after the deal is marked as closed won.

You can view the offers available on a program's Summary page. If you have any questions about a company's offer structure reach out to the company directly using your Messages tab.

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