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On the last day of each month (or the first day of the following month depending on your timezone), PartnerStack sends you an invoice via email with a breakdown of all referral rewards earned by your partners.

You’ll have 7 full days to review the invoice before it is auto-charged and payouts are released to your partners.  Any issues with rewards can be adjusted during this time. 

Invoices are automatically processed on the 8th of each month unless you have reported an issue with a reward. Once the invoice is charged, payouts are held for 5 days and then released to partners for withdrawal.


  • May 1 to May 31 - Rewards are generated by partners
  • June 1 - A reward invoice is generated for you to review for the month of May
  • June 1 to June 7 - You have 7 days to review and flag rewards on the invoice
  • June 8 - The invoice is charged to the card or ACH on file
  • Rewards are released to partners once the payment has been processed. ACH payment can take an average of 5 days to process. 

How to manage your invoice

To manage and/or view your partner invoices by month, navigate to the Performance & Rewards > Rewards & Invoices tab on the left-hand side of your dashboard and then click on the 'Invoices' sub-tab.


Here you will see a list of your invoices by month, the Invoice #, the Status of each invoice, and the invoice Amount

Invoice statuses

The following is a list of statuses an invoice can have:

Invoice Status Context
In Review The invoice is in review and has not yet been charged 
Successful The invoice was successfully charged to the credit card on the account
Failed The invoice charge failed to the credit card on the account

You can download each invoice by clicking on 'Download CSV' on the invoice line item. 

Viewing an invoice

To view a specific month's invoice rewards, click on 'View Invoice' next to the month period you want to view.


Note: At the very top, you can switch between invoices to view, instead of going back to the previous screen. 

The top portion of the invoice will display the month you are viewing, details about the invoice plus the option to print or download. 


Further down will be a list of the rewards generated for that month by your partners. You can search the invoice by a partner's name or by the description of the offer.

On each reward line, you will see 'Report Issue'. This will either show in grey or blue.

The ability to report an issue on a reward is only possible if the invoice has not yet been charged.

  • If "Report Issue" is blue, the invoice has a status of "In Review" and you can report an issue with any reward on the invoice
  • If "Report Issue" is greyed out, the invoice has been charged and it is no longer possible to report an issue with a reward.


How to report a reward issue

To report an issue on a reward, click on 'Report Issue' next to a reward item. This will open up an 'Instant Detail' box for that reward.


In this box, you will need to provide a reason for reporting the issue by selecting the 'Type of issue' and providing a description of the issue. The reason will be displayed on the partner's dashboard. 


Invoice FAQs

When is an invoice created?

If you’re on a monthly invoice cycle, your invoice is created on the last day of the month and is open for review for 7 days before automatically being charged on the 8th of the following month.

Can I bulk remove items from an invoice?

You cannot bulk flag/remove/report reward lines from an invoice.

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