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This article will be useful to you if are looking to gather more information about your partner such as what group they are in, the revenue they have driven, and customers they have referred, you have a couple of options within PartnerStack:

  • You can use the partner view to gain quick insight into individual partners within your PartnerStack dashboard.
  • You can export all partner records to have detailed data on all partners and manipulate the data for reporting needs outside of PartnerStack.

Partner view

The partner view is found on the Partner Management > All partners page after you have clicked on the partner name you wish to learn about. 

The partner view makes it easy to see and understand which customers and transactions are associated with each partner. 

On this view, you can get more information about your partner. You can see their email, current group, performance metrics, referral activity, and more. 




The partner view has the following partner activity tables:

Table name


Customers Customer name, email, customer key, submitted on


Customer name, reward amount, status, source, created
Transactions Customer name, transaction amount, reward amount, created
Leads* Lead, email, status, customer, submitted
Deals* Account, stage, customer, submitted date, amount
Subscription Quantity, plan name, amount, customer, created

These columns can be searched and can be used to easily reconcile rewards and partner activity. 
*Leads and Deals exports will be available if enabled for your plan

Exporting partner data

A comprehensive CSV file of most data related to your partners can be exported from within your PartnerStack dashboard, on the All partners page, following these steps:

  1. Log in to your PartnerStack account
  2. Navigate to Partner Management > All partners in the menu on the left 
  3. Select "Export all records" in the top right-hand side of the partner table
  4. In the drawer view that opens select the timeframe, and data you would like to export
    1. Select the "All-time records" checkbox if you do not wish to specify a timeframe
  5. Click "Export selected data"
  6. This will email a download link to your account email on file. A window will open confirming the email address your report was sent to
  7. Click "Done" to close this window


This export is up to date as of the moment the export is requested. 

It may take the export up to 15 mins to hit your email inbox. The link expires within 30 minutes for security reasons. Once expired, you will need to re-request the export. 

What data is included in the files?

The files are comprehensive and up to date as of when the export is requested. 

The following files are included in the export:

File name

Data included

Applications partner_id, partner_name, partner_group, partner_program_join_date, partner_group_join_date, partner_manager, partner_tags, application_approved, exported_at, First name, Last name, email, Agreement, Business description
Customers Partner_id, partner_name, partner_group, partner-program_join_date, partner_group_join_date, partner_manager, partner_tags, customer_creation_date, customer_key, customer_ps_key, customer_creation_source, customer_email, customer_has paid_, customer_company, number_of_transactions_for_customer, subscription_plan_name, subscription_plan_value, subscription_count, exported_at
Deals* Partner_id, deal_account_name, deal_email, deal_stage, deal_amount, deal_last_updated, deal_close_date, deal_created_date, deal_lost_reason, deal_contact_first_name, customer_key, customer_ps_key, customer_name, exported_at
Leads* partner_id, partner_name, partner_program_join_date, partner_group_join_date, partner_manager, partner_tags, lead_email, lead_status, lead_amount, lead_last_updated, lead_created_date, lead_approved, lead_decline_reason, customer_key, customer_ps_key, customer_name, exported_at

partner_id, partner_firstname,partner_group, partner_program_join_date, partner_group_join_date,archived_status, partner_email, partner_manager, partner_tags total_number_of_customers, total_number_of_transactions, total_sum_of_transactions_usd, total_sum_of_rewards, exported_at, 

Rewards Partner_id, partner_name, partner_group, partner_program_join_date, partner_group_join_date, parnter_manager, partner_tags, reward_key, reward_amount, reward_description_reward_created_date, reward_status, reward_source, reward_transaction_key, reward_customer_key, reward_release_date, reward_subscription_key, exported_at
Transactions Partner_id, partner_name, partner_group, partner_program_join_date, partner_group_join_date, parnter_manager, partner_tags, transaction_key, transaction_create_date, transaction_product_key, transaction_amount, transaction_currency, transaction_approved, unapproved_reasons, reward_key, reward_amount, customer_key, customer_ps_key, customer_name, subscription_plan, exported_at

*Leads and Deals exports will be available if enabled for your plan

Linking information across the different files

Each file contains a partner ID, which is a unique identifier that can be used to JOIN or VLOOKUP to link files. You can also use the customer, transaction, or reward keys to JOIN or VLOOKUP files together.

Exporting group-specific data

The partner record export can be filtered to export only specific group information by using the "Filter by group" drop-down on the All partners page. This is the only export filter option currently. 




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