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Who is this article for?

This article will be useful to you if are looking to gather or export information about your partners such as what group they are in, the revenue they have driven, customers they have referred, and more.

All partners tab

Your All partners tab, found in the Partner Management section of your left-hand menu allows you to gain quick insight into individual partners within your program, and export data for a deeper analysis of your partners. 

From the All partners tab, you can search and quickly filter partners, view partners ranked by key metrics, export your partner records, and click into partners to view more information in the partner detail view. The partner detail view enables you to drill down into partner activity, and answer any questions the partner may have on their partnership with you.

From the All partners tab, you can click on "Invite partners" to send invitations to individual partners, to a team of partners, or to invite teammates to an existing partner team. For more information on inviting partners and partner management see the Inviting, removing, moving and updating partners support guide.

All partners metrics

Your All Partners tab will display the following columns:

  • Partner: The partner, or partner team's name and the number of partner team members
  • Owner: The team owner and their email
  • Group: The group the partner is in
  • Signups: The sum of the partners' paid and unpaid customers (refreshes every hour)
  • Paid customers: The sum of customers with at least one transaction (refreshes every hour)
  • Revenue: Sum of all transactions in USD for all time (refreshes every hour)
  • Last active: Last date activity occurred on the partner's account (login, signup, transaction)
  • Signed up: Date the partnership was created

Filtering and sorting partners

The All partners tab can be filtered by tag, segment, group, customer, manager, team, held rewards, and date. Multiple filters can be applied at one time. 

Partner data can also be sorted (ascending or descending) by clicking on the Owner, Signups, Paid Customers, Revenue, Last active, and Signed up columns.

For example, you could filter your All partners tab to only show partners in your Marketplace group, and click the Revenue column to sort partners from highest to lowest revenue driven.

Partner detail view

From the All partners tab clicking on a specific partner will open their partner detail view.


In the partner detail view you can view:

  • The partner team owner and email
  • All partner team members and emails
  • Partner's signup date
  • Partner's partner key
  • The assigned partner Manager 
  • The partner's current group
  • Any applied tags
  • Partnership fields (if enabled)
  • The offers currently available to the partner
  • The partner's application (if applicable)
  • Key partner performance metrics
  • The partner's customers, rewards, transactions, leads (if enabled), deals (if enabled), and resources the partner has interacted with
  • The partner's links 
  • Training the partner has completed (if enabled)

Partner detail tables

When viewing a partner, the following tables and columns can provide you more insight into the partner's activity, and assist in troubleshooting partner questions. Each table can be searched and used to easily reconcile rewards and partner activity. 

Table name


Customers Customer name, email, customer key, submitted on


Customer name, reward amount, status, source, created at, ready at (drip rewards)
Transactions Customer name, transaction amount, product key, category key, reward amount, transaction created date, final reward date
Leads* Lead, lead company, email, status, submitted by, date submitted
Deals* Account name, stage, customer, submitted, amount
Resources Resource description, the partner member who accessed the resource and the date

*Leads and Deals exports will be available if enabled for your plan

Investigating partner activity and offers

The partner detail view is a great resource for understanding partner activity and offer criteria. Partners may reach out using their Messages tab if a reward is not generated after an event occurs (i.e. a customer signup, or transaction) for more information on why the event did not qualify for a reward. 

If a partner believes a reward should have been issued for an event, review the rules for the offers available to the partner, and compare them to the event in question. 

  1. In the partner detail view, click to view the partner's recent Rewards. Confirm no reward has been generated for the event in question.
    1. Note, if your offers are set up with drip delay periods, the partner's reward will show in the rewards table as "Scheduled". Scheduled rewards do not appear in the partner's dashboard until the "ready at" date. If the reward is "scheduled", inform your partner that the reward is scheduled and will be visible in their dashboard once the drip delay period has passed.
  2. If no has been generated, click "Offers" to view all offers currently available to the partner
  3. In the side window that opens, click on an offer description to view the trigger in more detail
  4. Review the offer rules and look for offer limits such as customer age, necessary product keys, and max transaction counts
  5. Back in your partner detail view, review the event details to determine if the event did not meet a specific offer rule
  6. If you determine a reward did not fire as the event did not meet your offer criteria, explain the offer criteria to your partner and consider updating the offer description for all partners
  7. Reach out to support@partnerstack.com if you have any questions on why an event did not meet an offer's criteria

Exporting partner data

From the All partners tab, you can export comprehensive CSV files containing data on your partners and their performance. 

You can export all time data, or apply a date range to your data export. The following CSVs can be exported from the All partners tab:

  • Partners
  • Rewards
  • Transactions
  • Customers
  • Application responses
  • Leads (if enabled)
  • Deals (if enabled)

To export partner data:

  1. Log in to your PartnerStack account
  2. Navigate to Partner Management > All partners in the menu on the left 
  3. Click "Export records" in the top right 
  4. In the drawer view that opens select the groups, time frame, and data sets you would like to export
    1. Select the "All-time records" checkbox if you do not wish to specify a timeframe
  5. Click "Export selected data"
  6. This will email a download link to your account email on file. A window will open confirming the email address your report was sent to
  7. Click "Done" to close this window


This export is up to date as of the moment the export is requested. 

It may take the export up to 15 minutes to arrive in your email inbox. For security purposes, the export link expires after 30 minutes. If the export link has expired, reinitiate the CSV download following the steps above.

Data included in the partner export

File name

Data included

Application Responses partner_id, partner_name, partner_group, partner_program_join_date, partner_group_join_date, partner_manager, partner_tags, application_approved, exported_at, First name, Last name, email, Agreement, Business description
Customers Partner_id, partner_name, partner_group, partner-program_join_date, partner_group_join_date, partner_manager, partner_tags, customer_creation_date, customer_key, customer_ps_key, customer_creation_source, customer_email, customer_has paid_, customer_company, number_of_transactions_for_customer, subscription_plan_name, subscription_plan_value, subscription_count, exported_at
Deals* Partner_id, deal_account_name, deal_email, deal_stage, deal_amount, deal_last_updated, deal_close_date, deal_created_date, deal_lost_reason, deal_contact_first_name, customer_key, customer_ps_key, customer_name, exported_at
Leads* partner_id, partner_name, partner_program_join_date, partner_group_join_date, partner_manager, partner_tags, lead_email, lead_status, lead_amount, lead_last_updated, lead_created_date, lead_approved, lead_decline_reason, customer_key, customer_ps_key, customer_name, exported_at

partner_id, partner_firstname,partner_group, partner_program_join_date, partner_group_join_date, archived_status, partner_email, partner_manager, partner_tags total_number_of_customers, total_number_of_transactions, total_sum_of_transactions_usd, total_sum_of_rewards, exported_at, 

Rewards Partner_id, partner_name, partner_group, partner_program_join_date, partner_group_join_date, parnter_manager, partner_tags, reward_key, reward_amount, reward_description_reward_created_date, reward_status, reward_source, reward_transaction_key, reward_customer_key, reward_release_date, reward_subscription_key, exported_at
Transactions Partner_id, partner_name, partner_group, partner_program_join_date, partner_group_join_date, parnter_manager, partner_tags, transaction_key, transaction_create_date, transaction_product_key, transaction_amount, transaction_currency, transaction_approved, unapproved_reasons, reward_key, reward_amount, customer_key, customer_ps_key, customer_name, subscription_plan, exported_at

*Leads and Deals exports will be available if enabled for your plan

Linking information across the different files

Each file contains a partner ID, which is a unique identifier that can be used to JOIN or VLOOKUP to link files. You can also use the customer, transaction, or reward keys to JOIN or VLOOKUP files together.

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