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Who is this article for:  This article will be useful to you are a company on PartnerStack looking to add or update the payment method for your monthly partner rewards invoices.

What payment methods are supported?

Currently, we support credit card and ACH/US bank account payment methods in PartnerStack. Both payment methods can be added or updated in the Settings > Billing tab.

For more information on when partners receive their payouts once the partner rewards invoice is paid, please see our Paying your partner rewards support guide.

How to add a payment method

To add a new payment method to your PartnerStack account:

  1. Log into your PartnerStack dashboard
  2. Click into your Settings tab and select Billing 
  3. Click "Add payment method"
  4. In the drawer view that opens, select either "Credit Card", or "ACH/US bank account" 
  5. Enter the account or card details and click "Add"


Verifying an ACH/US bank account:

If you add an ACH/US bank account as your payment method, within 2-3 business days you will receive 2 micro-deposits in your account which you will use to verify your account addition.

Once you have received the two micro-deposits:

  1. Navigate back to your Settings > Billing tab 
  2. Click "Verify account", review the verification steps in the drawer view that opens, and click "Next" when ready
  3. Enter the micro-deposits values in cents i.e. "59" not "0.59"
  4. Click "Verify bank account"

Bank statements are typically displayed with the most recent transactions at the top. The first deposit will be lower in your statement history. Please ensure you input the micro-deposits in chronological order, as you will have only three attempts to verify the account.


If you need assistance to add, update, or verify your ACH/US bank account payment method, please reach out to the support team at

If you're a US-based customer and use a credit card to pay your partner reward invoices and/or PartnerStack subscription invoices, a 3.5% transaction fee will be added to these charges.
For ACH/US bank accounts, no transaction fee will be added to your invoice.

To remove a payment method, or set a payment method as default

  1. Click into your Settings tab and select Billing 
  2. Click the three vertical dots beside the payment method you would like to delete or update 
  3. In the menu that opens, select "Remove"  or "Set as default"

Once you have selected a new payment default, this payment method will be used to charge your next partner rewards invoices.

If you remove an unverified ACH/US Bank account, you will have to restart the verification process. 

If you need assistance to remove a payment method or set it as the default, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager or the support team at

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