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This article will be useful to you if are a company on PartnerStack, looking to prevent your emails from landing in your partner's Spam folder.

Are your emails landing in spam or getting flagged as phishing attempts?

You work hard to create emails to engage your partners. What do you do if your partners are saying they aren’t getting your emails, or they are being flagged as suspicious?

There are a few things we can look at to help make sure your emails land in your partner's primary inboxes.

Tips to stop your emails from landing in spam

Here are our top tips to help make sure your emails get delivered successfully to your partners:

  1. Authenticate your domain with PartnerStack
  2. Ask your partners to add you to their mailing list
  3. Carefully consider your email content
  4. Use email spam checkers

Authenticating your domain with PartnerStack

Authenticating your email domain allows you to brand your engagement emails with your domain and ensure PartnerStack can send emails on behalf of your domain. Authenticating your domain will allow your engagement emails to pass DMARC policies, which can help with deliverability. Learn more about it in Sending emails from your company domain.

Ask your partners to add you to their mailing list

When a recipient adds you to their email contacts, it sends a signal to service providers and reduces your spam score. This helps them and other subscribers see your emails.

Encourage your partners to add you to their email contacts in your welcome email. Add steps on how to do it, and outline the benefits.

Here’s an example you can use as a postscript at the end of your email that you can adjust to your company's voice and tone:

Gmail users: You might find this email landing in your spam folder (sad!). To make sure you get all our emails moving forward, drag this email to your primary inbox. Gmail will ask you to confirm, and we recommend you do! We send out tips & tricks on selling, promotional benefits, and other useful stuff to help you be a successful partner.

Apple mail users: To make sure you’re in the loop on all things partnerships, tap on the email address at the top of this email and “Add to VIPs”.

Consider using the Announcement feature to remind your partners to add you to their mailing lists.

Tip: Make sure you are sending emails from the same email address consistently. If you send one email from “” and another from “”, your partners will need to look for both. Add a generic email such as “” as a teammate to your PartnerStack account and use that for all outbound emails.

Carefully consider your email content

Be intentional with the copy you use within your emails, including the subject line and body copy. Phrases often used for partner-related content like “earn extra cash” or “increase sales” often get caught by email filters.

Here are some alternatives:

  • Earn extra cash —> Boost your rewards
  • Increase sales —> Close more business
  • Make money —> Drive revenue

Here are some words to avoid as suggested by HubSpot:


Email content to avoid:

Email content to include:

  • Use the {first_name} shortcode in our email builder to address your partners personally. Learn more about shortcodes in Creating stylized emails.
  • Make sure your content is relevant to the audience. If you’re sending emails your partners won’t care about, they’re more likely to flag it as spam.

Use email spam checkers

Spam checkers are online tools that allow you to test your emails and or show how likely recipients will mark them as spam.

Twilio SendGrid’s Email Testing provides a spam-checking tool. It shows how your emails may perform against some of the most powerful spam filters in the industry. It provides inbox rendering previews and URL checkers.

Use the feedback from spam checkers to see how your emails will perform and make changes to your content. Troubleshooting in advance will help improve your chances of landing in the inbox the first time you send.

There’s a lot that can go into email marketing. Here are some more resources to check out:

We also highly recommend getting your marketing team to review your email, if you have the resources. They will be great assets with helping make sure your content is optimized.

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