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This article will be useful to you if are a partner on PartnerStack looking for general information on how to set up your account, navigate through your partner dashboard, and contact the program(s) you partner with.

Complete your Network profile

After creating your PartnerStack account, fill out your Network profile and apply for the PartnerStack Network. Joining the PartnerStack Network enables you to apply to programs in the PartnerStack Marketplace.

To fill out your Network application:

  1. Click on your Marketplace tab in your top menu bar
  2. Click "Apply to the Network"
  3. Fill out and submit your Network application

For more information on the Network Application and best practices for applying see our Joining the PartnerStack Network support guide.

Your Network application will save your details in your account profile. You can view and update your profile anytime by clicking your initial in the top right-hand corner and selecting "Network Profile" from the drop-down. 

Add your payment information

After you've filled out your profile, you'll want to add your payment information so you can withdraw once you've earned your first commission.

You can add your payment provider within the Commissions tab by following these steps:

  1. Log into your PartnerStack dashboard here 
  2. Click on Commissions in the top menu bar
  3. Click "Connect provider"
  4. Follow the prompts to add your preferred payment provider

Stripe, Paypal, and Direct Deposit are the available payment providers depending on your country.

See our Adding a payment provider support guide for step-by-step instructions on how to add each provider, and a full breakdown of each provider's covered countries, fees, and transaction maximums.

Learn more about your programs 

When you log in to your PartnerStack dashboard you'll arrive on your Home page.

Your Home page provides a breakdown of the programs you are partnered with, your all-time stats, and your referral activity at a glance.

By default, you will see a maximum of 10 programs in this Your programs section. You can increase the number of programs you see at the time by clicking "10 per page" and selecting to view 25, 50, or 100 programs at a time. 

Screenshot 2024-04-11 at 2.54.18 PM.png

Your programs, all-time stats, and activity feed

In the "Your programs" section of your home page you can search for programs, and can filter your programs by status (active, application pending, application declined, and program ended). Clicking on a program name on your Home page will take you to view your partnership with the program.

In "Your programs" you can view an overview of the activity across your programs. This information is also available in your Home page "All-time stats" graph. 

Your stats include:

  • Clicks: the total number of times that any of your referral links have been clicked.
  • Referred: the total number of individuals (paid and unpaid) who have signed up on a program's website within 90 days after clicking your link
  • Revenue: the total revenue generated for through your referred customers
  • Pending commissions: the total commission you've earned that is pending approval or approved & pending payment
  • Paid commissions: the total commission you've earned that has been approved and paid by the programs you partner with

The bottom of your Home page includes an activity feed displaying activity across all your programs which can be filtered by activity type. 

Your dashboard top menu bar

Your top menu bar will always be visible as you navigate through your dashboard.

The tabs you will find in your top menu are:

  • Home: Quickly jump back to your home page
  • Commissions: View and withdraw your commissions to your preferred payment provider, and access withdrawal receipts
  • Reporting: View and download filterable data from all your programs to track and analyze your program performance
  • Marketplace: In-app access to the Marketplace allows you to easily browse and apply for new programs
  • Your programs: Quickly switch between programs you are partnered with
  • Notifications: See notifications from programs you are partnered with, like new resources being added
  • Your initial or company logo: Click to access your partner team and account settings, PartnerStack's support guides, the support chatbot, and to logout of your dashboard


Viewing your partnership with a program

To learn more about a specific program you are joined with, you can toggle between them using Your programs in the top right of the portal, or by clicking on the listed name on your home page. Clicking on a specific program will bring you to the program's Summary tab.

On your program Summary tab, you can view:

  • Announcements from your program (if applicable)
  • Program-specific performance stats
  • Your default referral link (if enabled by the program you partner with)
  • Available offers set by the program
  • Filterable program activity feed
  • Any challenges that may be active


Program-specific performance stats

The program summary stats at the top of your summary page give you a glance at your partnership. These stats are updated every hour and can be filtered by timeframe.

  • Clicks - The number of times your affiliate link has been clicked
  • Signups - The number of customers who have signed up for a product through your link
  • Sales - The number of transactions made through your link
  • Revenue - The transaction total for customer purchases made through your link
  • Pending commissions - The amount of commissions you have earned (pending approval, or approved & pending payment from the company you partner with)
  • Paid commissions - The amount of commissions that have been approved and paid by the company you partner with 
  • Conversion rate - The percentage of clicks on your link(s) that have resulted in a sale
  • Earnings per click  - Total commissions earned, divided by the total number of clicks on your link(s)

Earnings per click is not an offer from the company you partner with, but rather a number that helps you understand how your links are performing. 

For more information on viewing your performance within a program see the Viewing program stats in your Performance tab support guide.

Program specific tabs

From your program summary page, you can explore additional tabs in your left-hand menu to dive deeper into your partnership. All programs are unique, so you may have options such as Training, Co-marketing, LeadsDeals, etc.

If you cannot see a tab: Links, Leads, Deals, Training, Co-Marketing, the company may not be using that program feature, or may not have it enabled for you. For more information, you can reach out to the company you partner with using your Messages tab.

Many programs will provide you with resources in your Resources tab. Resources are sales and marketing materials provided by the program you've partnered with. To learn more about resources, check out What are resources? 

Join more programs

Want to keep growing and expanding your portfolio? You can join more programs easily within your partner portal.

Head to the Marketplace tab in your top menu bar, and you can browse some of the programs currently active in our marketplace and find your next perfect fit. 

Screenshot 2024-04-11 at 3.30.06 PM.png

Start referring

You can find your referral link on your program Summary page, or in your Links tab. For more information on how to best share and test your referral link see the Sharing your link support guide.

To copy your referral link

  1. Click into your program's Links tab
  2. Locate the link you would like to share
  3. Click the quick "Copy" link

Remember when sharing your link externally to share the link copied directly from your PartnerStack dashboard. Do not share your redirected URL (the URL in your browser's bar after clicking your link) to ensure unique customer clicks are properly tracked to your account. 

To share a link to social media (Twitter, Linkedin or Email):

  1. Click the expand icon to the right of your link click count
  2. In the expanded link view, click "Share on social media"
  3. Select Twitter, Linkedin, or Email from the drop-down 
  4. In the window that opens, log in to your social media account and finalize your desired message before sharing

In your Links tab, you can also create custom links (if enabled by the program you partner with).

Screenshot 2024-03-20 at 11.38.36 AM.png

Custom referral links

If enabled by your partner program, you can create a custom referral link from the Links tab. 

If custom link creation is disabled, reach out to the company you partner with using your program Messages tab.

Getting help

If your questions are about how a program operates, such as what the commission is, why you can't create links, or where to get pricing, reach out to the program directly through your program Messages tab. 

Here, you can engage directly with the program manager of any company you are partnered with. Keep in mind that this is not a live chat service and it may take the program manager a couple of business days to get back to you. 


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